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Inventory Manager

Job Description:

  • Manages inventory tracking system to record deliveries, shipments and stock levels.

  • Evaluates deliveries, shipments and product levels to improve inventory control procedures.

  • Analyzes daily product and supply levels to anticipate inventory problems and shortages.

  • Manages schedules of employees, deliveries and shipments to optimize operations.

  • Communicates with inventory employees to meet business goals and address personnel issues.

  • Develops business relationships with suppliers and clients.

  • Proposes strategies to reduce costs and improve procedures of supply chain logistics.

  • Monitors demand and analyzes data to anticipate future supply and logistical needs.

  • Reports on inventory levels, supply chain progress, procedural efficiency and personnel issues to upper management.

  • Manages the recruitment and training of new inventory employees.

  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Customer Service Representative

Job Description:

  • Computer skills - use of such programs as Microsoft Word and Outlook is important for customer relationship managers, as they often correspond with clients and customers via email or written documentation

  • Product/service knowledge - from common issues to upgrades, a customer relationship manager must consistently keep up with changes and other details about the products and services offered by their company

  • Communication skills - perhaps the most crucial skills for customer relationship managers are speaking, writing, and listening so they can hear customers' suggestions and complaints and respond accordingly

  • Customer service - customer relationship managers must continually be cognizant of the needs of their customers and apply methods for ensuring total customer satisfaction and problem resolution

  • Team collaboration - sometimes it takes a village to build a long-lasting relationship with customers, so these managers must work with executives, salespeople, and other customer service personnel to maintain a healthy relationship with customers

  • Time management - responding to customers in a timely manner and resolving issues quickly goes a long way toward building lasting relationships, so it's imperative that customer relationship managers have strong time management skills

  • Presentation skills - the ability to discuss and describe products and services clearly and concisely is beneficial in this position

  • Negotiation skills - customer relationship managers often employ this skill to explain the benefits of their products and services and, if necessary, make concessions to retain clients

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